No recipe

It doesn’t seem like that at all.


You will not get a recipe here.

No healthy salad with arugula and cashew nuts.

You can even add some maple syrup and bacon.

I do not recommend it, even though I’m sure it is both tasty and healthy.

It’s just. – Yes.

I haven’t tried it.

So there.

Also when making a vegetable soup.


That’s not interesting I suppose.

Not at all.

And again.

Mix autumn nostalgia with a tablespoon of sugar snaps.

Add yellow birch leaves for bitterness.

A scope of water from a cold source for mildness.

Mix well and drink.


And it’s not what it seems at all.

No, not at all.





Again and again this skull is steaming.

“If you are so god as to repeatedly dream.”

“Yes, this is confusing more and more.”

Down the rabbit…

“Now I do not think so.”

“Drink more water, it is for the brain.”


Again and again this machine is clogging.

“If you are so god as to pull the right trigger.”

Down the rabbit…

There we go.

“Add grease, it is for the moving parts.”

“Some lubrication.”


“More steam!”


I Try

I try.

They keep calling.

No. Not the voices in my head.

If I could only listen to them for a while.

It is all on the outside.

“Children, children, children.”

Those ancient voices calling – right.


One, two, three, four, five.

The whispering inside.

So low, so slow.


I have just finished reading the Swedish novel “The Way of a Serpent” (Swedish: Ormens väg på hälleberget) written by Torgny Lindgren. I find it is good literature. No unnecessary dingle dangle. (I don’t know if that makes sense. My English is still simple.)

Today I was brave and applied for a writing course at the nearest university. I even made a phone call and discovered that the course was full.  – Relief.

It probably isn’t any good any way. – Right.

This only means I must write any way. This Blogging. It’s all new to me.

Now it is time for soap bubbles.