Final Conclusions working group 2: Harmony with Nature to Live Well

As the Elf I am, hiding in the forests I feel deeply for Mother Earth. We are her children and she is our home. Let us all learn from you good people and step lightly on Mother Earth.

World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

The need for a new system

1. The model of capitalist development is a threat to life because it prioritizes consumerism and the generation of profits over common well-being and the satisfaction of basic needs, denying the interconnection that exists between human life and nature. This anthropocentric model based on the private accumulation of wealth and maximization of economic growth generates inequality, poverty, exclusion, and environmental destruction. It is a model that destroys communities as well as nature.

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Happy Day Cafè

–          I think you ought to go to the Happy Day Café.

–          Me? I am happy when I am sad.

I kind of like life like this.

Painful, beautiful,