Grey Iguana and orange juice.


Now for another story.

New and fresh like freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning.


“I am tired let me sleep.”

“Can’t you do that with one hand?”

“Yes, I can, pretty fast, even.”


Grey Iguana, sticking his tongue out to catch fly.



I want.

I want, I want.

To walk and walk.

Yet here I sit biding my time.

Waiting for my freedom to come, to me.


Beautiful is the world outside.

Granny snores like a content cat.

Child is grumpy like a grumpy cat.


“Don’t sit with your legs crossed, it’s not healthy.”


Dog Child

Sad maybe but even more disturbing.

I saw this Dog Child in a passing car.


(Sitting in the front seat.

Hair or fur covering the face.

Hands on the dashboard.

Was it a child that looked like a dog or a hound treated like I child.


I now, sometimes dogs is like children to people.

Sometimes people treat their children like dogs.

Something like this, I have never seen before.)