Should I let him go?

… Sterniz. Tlkerj. (sound) Green Sleeves.

At this time in the evening, you can`t be so smart.

It’s painful. My eyes are drunk, they spill over, and blur.

I can’t seem to know what to drink either.

Are you going to the fair?

Should I let him go, to the church thingy with that sweet girl of his?

Should I let him go?



Yes, this is all very well.

There must be a good book somewhere around here.

 – Where is my idol today

– Do you have one?

– No?

– No heroes, no idol, no super-duper star to admire?

I do not want to be… unrestricted, if

possibilities are triggered by limitation.

I cannot find the book, in my cornflakes bowl.

 Leave me alone with my reading.

alvinda på toget

Dog Child

Sad maybe but even more disturbing.

I saw this Dog Child in a passing car.


(Sitting in the front seat.

Hair or fur covering the face.

Hands on the dashboard.

Was it a child that looked like a dog or a hound treated like I child.


I now, sometimes dogs is like children to people.

Sometimes people treat their children like dogs.

Something like this, I have never seen before.)