I am not alone. Simple. I am surrounded. Harsh. My butterfly mind craves flowers.

Kirishima azaleas at Gokoku-ji Temple in Tokyo (ENG) Sanjûrokkasen (JPN) Tôkyô Gôkoku-ji kirishima (JPN)

Utagawa Hiroshige II                  Kirishima azaleas at Gokoku-ji Temple in Tokyo




The animal is waiting and he is a cat. Always was a cat. Not a poodle, but then I am no Goethe either. He did not feel so well around poodles, so the story goes. Kd vde, maau, jaau. The cat, he is not who you think he is remember. He is kind, but careless with his love. E, the moral has passed above his beautifully rounded skull and for that, I am grateful. For his grace and slenderness is almost obscene. Imagine seeing that in a man… or do not. Feel free.

Deit Summersets Cold Mountain. I love you. Beautiful beast. If the water is not falling, after today, he can go out again, and met his mistresses and kill for the joy of it. Deit Summersets Cold Mountain leave me beautiful but sorrowful presents, and let me cuddle him for thanks.

You wonder now, what this expression wants with you, and I will let you totally decide that for your seeelf. Small or big, clean or dirty.

Cinderella bird, careful now! Deit Summersets Cold Mountain can her the flutter of your see-through wings, you beautiful darling. Flutter, flutter far, far away from my garden.

So far you tell me, well he still is just, a cat. You may be wrong, you may be cannot see far enough or deep? Well se, I cannot help you there, the wail, conceals what needs to be unseen. I myself try hard to remember that.

Flexibel imagination.


I am flexible, you see. Like a spoon in the hand of an Oracle. I bend, as not to disturb the universe.

I bend my will, sneaketh past, but then, there is the knot, and I am tied, to tight.

I walk then, on a tightly tied rope, it is a slope, towards an abyss, and me, the spoon will, ah,

not fall, but cling to the nose of the Oracle, in distress.

I fear I will after all disturb the universe with my failing to obey, the law.

Some silliness really.

For three quarters of an hour when sitting on a train, waiting for a dead man to come out and cry for pain – relief. That’s when there was a rumble and a mumble, from the restroom, and out stumbled a kitten asking for coffee, or hot water, maybe tea.

Let it all, fall, in or out of space, there is no particular phase to fit it all in to. The dead man never came. I don’t know why, I couldn’t tell, but the kitten, licked her paw and made my eyes all itchy and red.

Now the time it takes from morning to dawn is enough for a spider’s egg to hatch, and that, my dear friend, is a sight, which might, frighten even the first mentioned man. The kitten on the other hand, she fears not,

Allergic itch, oh dear my nose, starts running like a leaky water pump. The cure for this is as they say, a drink containing, yes you know? The fear of a dead man, a bundle of freshly hatched spiderlings, and the coffee, hot water or maybe tea ordered by the earlier mentioned kitten.

It seem odd, but then Odd is a name, and as it happens, it’s the name of the first mentioned man, that makes it all clear, does it not?